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A complete radiology information system from Saince that is ideally suited for hospitals as well as imaging centers of all sizes. Saince RIS is a one stop solution for all your business needs.


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A world class Radiology Information System that now speaks your language.


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A full featured Radiology Information System that is intuitive and easy to use.


Saince Enterprise PACS

Our success is measured through the eyes of our customers. Over the last 10 years, we have developed the most innovative solutions in the market aimed at solving real-world customer problems. Our PACS represents culmination of years of feedback and ideas from our customers and employing the industry’s most innovative engineering team. The result is a Web-based PACS that delivers unmatched functionality to radiologists, radiology technicians, IT staff, and referring physicians.

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Highlights of our PACS solution

The depth of innovation in our PACS include:

  • Web based PACS – You can access the PACS from anywhere as long as you are connected to the Internet
  • Browser Independent Viewer – Our viewer is browser independent and does not depend browsers or browser versions
  • Enterprise backend database – while many competitors use free or open source database software, Saince has integrated the world’s leading enterprise database software into our solution. This means our PACS can easily handle terabytes of information without any impact on performance.
  • Flexible deployment architecture – we can deploy our PACS in multiple ways to meet all the complexities of your organizational structure. Centralized, distributed, hub and spoke, client-server, or web-based.
  • Scalable Architecture – Our PACS can grow hand-in-hand with your organization’s growth – multiple locations, across cities, or across regions.
  • Seamless integration with VNA – integrates seamlessly with a VNA resulting in extraordinary savings
  • Integrated Workstation – FDA and CE compliant Web based workstation with integrated 3D features
  • Integrated Instant Messenger – Communicate, consult and concurrently view any study with peers
  • Unlimited priors – Pre-fetch unlimited priors for easy access
  • Easy Integration – Easily integrates with any HIS, RIS, or EHR/EMR with HL7 interface
  • RealTime Worklist – Personalized real-time view, instantaneous status notification and prospective “intelligent” retrieval
  • Study Caching – Access to studies is maintained even with the network is down
Saince PACS is a cutting edge solution designed to maximize your return on investment, build a foundation for you to grow, and then scale with your business.


Unique features of Saince PACS

  • Visual interface of RealTime Worklist
  • Auto Sync of CT/MR series
  • PET/CT and PET/MR Fusion
  • Advanced Hanging Protocols
  • Instant messenger with link to study
  • Dedicated Monitoring tool for PACS server
  • Integrated Diagnostic Viewer can operate locally even when the network is down
  • Workstation can import CDs/DICOM data locally
  • Dedicated archiving component for DICOM data archival
  • Enterprise CD/DVD burner interface which enables you to give CD burning commands to CD/DVD Robot from anywhere
  • CD Robot integration
  • Integration capability with any HL7 compliant application
  • Inbuilt MIP, MPR and 3D CVR
  • VMware compatible
  • Browser independent viewer software
  • Integrated environment to avoid merging of patients
  • Workflow Accelerator for Tele Radiology
  • Import and Export Native bidirectional and Tri directional HL7 integration
  • FDA and CE approved for Diagnostic viewing


Other features of Saince PACS

The Viewer Toolbar displays various tools that apply to the Image Viewer as a whole. The actual tools that appear will depend on your login privileges

  • Window/Level
  • ROI Window/Level
  • Zoom/Pan Combo
  • Zoom
  • Pan
  • Page Images
  • Auto Scroll
  • Skim
  • Magnify
  • Probe
  • 3D Cursor
  • Line Measurement
  • Angle Measurement
  • Cobb Angle Measurement
  • Text Annotation
  • Arrow Annotation
  • ROI Measurement
  • Spine Labeling
  • Study Layout Menu
  • Comparison Toggle
  • Ultrasound Regional Measurement
  • Third-party App Sync
  • One-click MIP
  • Create 3D MPR
  • Slab View
  • Cine
  • Set Key Image
  • DICOM Overlay
  • Image Layout
  • Global Stack
  • Grouping
  • Manual Linking
  • Clear Viewport
  • Tools for 3D /MPR
    • Tools for 3D /MPR
    • Rotate Page
    • Window/Level
    • Zoom/Pan Combo
    • Pan Zoom
    • Auto Scroll
    • Auto Skim
    • Angle Measurement
    • Cobb Angle
    • Text Annotation
    • Line Measurement11
  • Zoom
  • 3D Orientation
  • Set Key Image
  • Load Comparison Study
  • DICOM Overlay Series Toggle
  • Show/Hide Annotations
  • Slab Toggle
  • Show Full MIP Volume
  • Window/Level Presets / Color Presets
  • Change Rendering Type
    • CVR
    • MIP
    • Average Intensity Projection
    • Faded MIP
    • Minimum Intensity Projection
  • Decrease Slab Thickness
  • Increase Slab Thickness
  • Manually Change Slab Thickness
  • Mammography Toolbar
  • Synchronized Intelligent Zoom
  • Toggle CADSR Overlay
  • Intelligent Invert Single Image
  • Full Invert Single Image
  • Synchronized Quadrant View
  • Toggle display of Thumbnail Viewer on and off
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